Home Made Salami

November 23, 2012

Preserving your own pork is relatively easy – all you need is some natural sausage casing, a mincer and some salt. Add some herbs & spices and you’re in culinary heaven! We make salami & chorizo in the damp Irish climate with great success. Cured sausage is an excellent way to preserve pork, and many […]

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Piggy Progress

August 22, 2012
16 week pigs

The growing pigs in this picture are now 16 weeks old, and they’re coming on nicely! They have about 1/6 of an acre to roam on – this consists of an overgrown vegetable garden and some pasture. The pigs are making excellent progress in converting weeds and old vegetables into great-tasting free range pork. They […]

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Twelve Week Old Pigs

July 25, 2012

We bought these 12 week old “weaner” pigs last Monday for €80 each (delivered!). I’m delighted with the quality of these guys – they seem in the best of health. The price at 8 weeks was €70, but due to a few transportation issues (our motor needs a new alternator!) we couldn’t buy them at […]

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Buying Weaners

June 27, 2012
weaner  pigs 12 weeks

If you’re thinking about starting with pigs, buying a few weaners is your best bet. Weaners are pigs that have been weaned from their mother – usually about 8 weeks old. They will have been eating solid food for quite a few weeks, and they should be fine without their mother at this stage. Only […]

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Video Post: One Week Old Piglets Venture Outside

July 12, 2011

The following video shows piglets venturing outside and interacting with people. The sow is highly protective!

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