Twelve Week Old Pigs

by Elaine on July 25, 2012

552523_4282491618983_294805263_nWe bought these 12 week old “weaner” pigs last Monday for €80 each (delivered!). I’m delighted with the quality of these guys – they seem in the best of health.

The price at 8 weeks was €70, but due to a few transportation issues (our motor needs a new alternator!) we couldn’t buy them at that stage. Luckily, the vendor was a total gentleman – and offered to deliver them.

I’m usually happy to pay a bit over the odds to buy stock, provided the quality is high – as it is in the case of these guys. Oops – I probably shouldn’t have said that in public. In my experience, buying cheap stock is very risky – usually, pigs are cheap for a reason!

Getting them delivered was a total bonus.

These pigs are a Tamworth/Duroc cross, which should be an interesting combination. At the moment they are inquisitive, lively and not nervous of humans –  it’s a total pain dealing with pigs that are mortally terrified of you.

We’ll post regular blog articles on these pigs as they grow and we bring them on to slaughter. In the meantime, here they are on video:

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