About Us

Backyard pig keeping should:

  • Be fun!
  • Be environmentally sustainable.
  • Maximise standards of animal welfare.
  • Help people to grow as individuals – fostering personal development.
  • Produce high quality and tasty produce that you would otherwise be unable to access.
  • Be healthy: help people to be physically active and to help families to access a top-class diet.

Our Experience

We have 15 years experience, ranging from working allotments and micro-gardens in London up to a 1 acre smallholding in Co. Clare, Ireland.

We have extensive experience of every element of pig keeping, all the way from breeding, farrowing, free-range growing, slaughter and home production of high quality charcuterie products such as salami, chorizo, parma-style ham, traditional Irish ham, bacon and paté.

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