Making Sausage Casings

by David on April 23, 2012


Making casings from a freshly killed pig: not for the faint hearted!

Warning – this is not for the faint hearted! Get some small intestine from a pig, in roughly 3m lengths if possible. We get them from our own pigs. You can kind of pull them out of the intestine mass, and once they start coming apart it’s almost like undoing a zip.

This sounds easy but in reality it’s a bit tricky. Once you get the knack, it’s not too bad and there are loads of guts in a pig so you can always start again if you break some gut. Invert the guts using a running garden hose outside in a clean plastic dustbin. Once they start to turn inside out, the weight of water inverts a great section of gut.

Pull off all membranes that are too fatty. Once you have them inside out, flush them through with plenty of fresh water. Then take them inside somewhere clean – the bath is ideal. Scrape off the mucus membranes by pulling the gut through a knife against a board (easy to do, difficult to describe). Don’t panic too much about the membranes, we’ve made lovely salami in the past without getting the membrane off. Throw all your casings in a bucket of salt, and they will keep for ages.

You can use your newly prepared casings in our salami recipe.

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