Basic Pig Keeping

Buying Weaners

June 27, 2012
weaner  pigs 12 weeks

If you’re thinking about starting with pigs, buying a few weaners is your best bet. Weaners are pigs that have been weaned from their mother – usually about 8 weeks old. They will have been eating solid food for quite a few weeks, and they should be fine without their mother at this stage. Only […]

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Greedy as a Pig? Finishing Pigs!

March 2, 2011

These pigs are approximately 7 months old, and will be slaughtered in 3-4 weeks. It’s VERY important not to overfeed pigs at this stage. They should be pretty hungry and creating a racket at feeding time…just like these fellas. It is very easy to overfeed pigs -lets face it, the phrase “greedy as a pig” […]

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