Raising pigs in your backyard is an excellent way to feed your family, and there are lots of delicious home made pork products that you can make from home-reared pigs. You can learn how to make your own ham & sausage – as well as delicacies like salami, chorizo and paté.

Raising your own pigs gives you direct control over your food supply and gives you access to meat of the highest quality. You might be surprised at how much excellent pork you could produce from an ordinary garden!

The aim of this site is to share knowledge and promote backyard pig keeping. We have many years experience keeping pigs. We’ve bred & raised pigs, processed and preserved our way to a very high degree of self sufficiency – all whilst working full-time and raising a family. You can do it too – so why not stop dreaming and start doing?

Featured Articles

Video Post: One Week Old Piglets Venture Outside

July 12, 2011

The following video shows piglets venturing outside and interacting with people. The sow is highly protective!

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Video Post: 2 Week Old Piglets

June 26, 2011

These piglets were a cross between a Gloucester Old Spot sow and a British Saddleback boar. The sow was quite agressive, as you can see in the first video clip!

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Greedy as a Pig? Finishing Pigs!

March 2, 2011

These pigs are approximately 7 months old, and will be slaughtered in 3-4 weeks. It’s VERY important not to overfeed pigs at this stage. They should be pretty hungry and creating a racket at feeding time…just like these fellas. It is very easy to overfeed pigs -lets face it, the phrase “greedy as a pig” […]

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New Pigs

February 28, 2011

Our large sow (charmingly known as "fat pig") farrowed safely on Friday night. Disappointingly, she only had a small litter of four piglets. She has no trouble at all farrowing, though she can be extremely protective of her young! The following video clip shows the first two arrivals. The pig on the right is captured […]

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